10 Handpicked Essential Products and Accessorie to turn up your Summer Party!

With the hot sun at the top and the warmer temperature's on the rise, it's time to cool down the heat with the 10 handpicked summer products and accessories. While chugging down some beers, PickQuick funny products, and fashion accessories which look expensive but are available at a price you won't believe.


Bamboo Wooden Unisex Sunglasses

So let's start, the first to join the list are Bamboo Wood Sunglasses; a pair of wooden sunglasses? Yes, who would not like them and show it off. We got you covered with uber cool unisex sunglasses, so go go go pick it quick!! Buy Here

 Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Now with added "plop"

Bring back the prehistoric animal back in 2017 this Summer, grab a beer and wear this Funny Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, walk on the beach and do crazy sh#t because you only live once #YOLO. Buy Here



Flamingo Swimming Pool Float

flamingo swimming pool float
The Giant 120 cm Pool Float is just perfect for your Summer Day outing on the beach, on the poolside or even at the amusement park. This swimming pool summer float is made of Sun Rays Resistant PVC.
PS: As seen in Harper's Magazine with Miley Cyrus. Buy here

NSFW iPhone Summer Cases

sexy summer iphone cases
Check out the #NSFW collection of Summer Special iPhone cases only at PickQuick. We handpicked the best hard TPU protective cases for iPhone5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus too. Buy Here

Herb Crushers

Crush it, Grind it!! 
metal smoking herb crushers
Step up and get away from those cheap crushers because your herb does not deserve that, get a premium Amsterdam Herb Crusher made of Zinc Alloy Metal and Psst!! it is available exclusively on PickQuick. Buy Here

Unbreakable Beer Mug and Wine Glass

unbreakable wine glass and beer mug
Sick of the Beer Mugs and Wine Glasses breaking while you are high? Forget those drunk days and PickQuick the Unbreakable Beer Mug and Wine Glass made of Clear Silicone. Buy Here